• Valcambi is the most credible global brand in Gold bars.

  • Valcambi Gold bars are LBMA certified and are acceptable as good delivery bars across the world.

  • Valcambi has developed several new products for investors like combi bars and Armillary Coins.

  • The small bars and coins of Valcambi of 1, 2,5,10,20,50 and 100 gram denominations are global favorites of investors in Gold.

  • Valcambi is the world’s largest gold refinery and is capable of producing 400 tons of small size gold bars and 500 tons of kilo bars per annum.

  • Valcambi is further working on several products which would be investor friendly and which can be sold directly to the retail consumers.

  • To know more about Valcabmi, visit?.

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