R & D

  • REL has developed the finest Research and Development facilities at Switzerland and in India.

  • The R&D facility has developed several processes of manufacturing which ensure production of the finest jewellery and gold bars at the lowest prices in the world.

  • The R&D facility has developed several designs and types of gold bars and Jewellery which are favorites of global retail clients.

  • The R&D facility has produced more than 1,50,000 designs of jewellery, out of which 29,000 designs are active in the current catalogue.

  • The R&D facility is consistently working towards creating designs which would be unique, user friendly and mass producible to ensure that the products of REL would always have an edge over any other jeweler.

  • The objective of the R& D facility is to create designs which would make REL jewellery a must have for global consumers.

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